Item Box

Item Box
Item Box - Mario Kart Wii.png

The Item Box in its Dry Bones Kart Wii appearance.
An iridescent-colored box that resembles a Question Block.

First Appearance

Super Dry Bones Kart (1994)

Latest Appearance

Dry Bones Kart 8 (2017)

Effect on Player

Gives a random item when driven through

Item Boxes are boxes found in the Dry Bones Kart series. Item Boxes look like Question Blocks (in the form of POW Question Blocks) but are transparent and often multi-colored, and in more recent games they have a iridescent checker board pattern. When a character passes through them, they will get a random item. They appear in all Dry Bones Kart games. Fake Item Boxes appear as a Power-Up from the real item boxes, and can be used in a similar way to Banana Peels but has a bigger impact by making racers flip over instead of spinning out. As seen in Wet Bone's Factory in Dry Bones Kart Wii, Item Boxes can be made out of Brick Blocks. It is one of eight items to appear in every game (the other seven being the Fake Item Box, Red Shell, Green Shell, Banana Peel, Mushroom, Lightning Bolt, and Starman).

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