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Items are used as power-ups in Dry Bones Kart games. Some are meant to benefit the user, attack other racers, or both.

Items obtained are different based on your placement.

Standard Items

Standard items are those that are featured in most or all games. (In brackets are special notes about game absences or exclusiveness.) [In square brackets are the places you can get them.]:

  • Banana Peel [1st to 6th]
  • Coin (absent from 64 onwards)
  • Fake Item Box [1st-4th]
  • Mushroom [2nd-8th]
    • Triple Mushrooms (absent from Super) [3rd-12th]
    • Golden Mushroom (absent from Super) [6th-12th]
  • Shells:
    • Blue Spiny Shell (absent from Super and 7 onwards) [4th-8th]
    • Green Shell [1st-4th]
    • Red Shell [1st-8th]
    • Triple Green Shells (absent from Super) [2nd-5th]
    • Triple Red Shells (absent from Super) [4th-8th]
  • Starman [7th-12th]
  • Lightning [9th-12th]
  • Boo (absent from Wii onwards) [2nd-7th]