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Dry Bones Kart: Double Dash!! is a racing game developed and published by Nintendo for the GameCube and the fourth installment of the Dry Bones Kart series. The game, while retaining many aspects of previous Dry Bones Kart games, introduces a feature that is unique to this entry in the Dry Bones Kart series: the two-person karts, hence the title of the game. Two characters handle a single kart, where one character steers and the other deals with items, and they can switch positions if necessary. In addition, the game introduces Special Items, items that are unique to a pair of characters, which is another feature unique to this game.



Upon running over a single Item Box or Double Item Box, the characters receive a power-up.
Upon running over a single Item Box or Double Item Box, the characters receive a power-up.
Upon running over a single Item Box or Double Item Box, the characters receive a power-up.

Traditional items from Super Dry Bones Kart through Dry Bones Kart: Super Circuit appear in Dry Bones Kart: Double Dash!! with a bunch of new power-ups to change a race drastically, such as stealing the opponent's place or item by using a Mushroom or reducing the racers to small size with the rare Lightning. The rear character obtains a determinate item by running into an Item Box. However, Double Item Boxes give items to both the rear character and driver. The variety of items depends on the kart's place. Leader racers tend to receive basic items such as Bananas or Green Shells, while those going under fourth place can receive rare items like a Star or a Spiny Shell.

Items are classified in two forms:

  • Standard: Drivers can obtain these types of items when they go through an Item Box or Double Item Box.
  • Special: Some drivers obtain a special item that other drivers cannot obtain by an Item Box. When a character holds a special item, the second character cannot obtain another special item via Item Box.

Standard Items

Image Name Description
Green Shell - Mario Kart DS.png Green Shell When shot, Green Shells go in a straight line, bouncing off the track walls and knocking into anything it touches, such as an item or another kart. It can be shot forwards or backwards.
Red Shell - Mario Kart DS.png Red Shell Red Shells home in on the nearest kart. It can be thrown backwards as well. However, when shot backwards, it acts like a Green Shell. Red Shells cannot bounce, however, and they break if they hit a wall.
Blue Spiny Shell - Mario Kart DS.png Blue Spiny Shell When shot, the Blue Spiny Shell heads to the kart that is in first place. Once it hits the kart, it creates a blue explosion. The characters in the kart lose any items if hit and are sent flying directly upwards. Other karts can get hit if they are in the blast radius. This item does not appear in Battle Mode.
Mushroom - Mario Kart 64.png Mushroom A Mushroom gives the kart a brief boost of speed. If used properly, it can be used to take shortcuts and to steal (or drop) items from another kart.
Triple Mushrooms - Mario Kart 64.png Triple Mushroom A bunch of three Mushrooms that give the drivers three boosts of speed. If characters who hold the Mushrooms get hit by an item, some of the Mushrooms fall get dropped and they end up with only one Mushroom left. As with all triple items, some characters hold the Triple Mushrooms, while other characters juggle it.
Banana Peel - Mario Kart Wii.png Banana Peel When placed, a Banana peel stays on the track until a kart touches it, causing it to spin out. Bananas can be used as shields to break homing items such as Red Shells; however, they can not be dragged behind the kart like in past games, making this technique harder to execute than before. It can either be thrown forward or dropped backward.
Fake Item Box - Mario Kart Wii.png Fake Item Box A Fake Item Box that is red with an upside down ? symbol. When used, it stays on the track until a kart hits it and causes that kart to flip. The only way to get rid of these blocks is to run into it, so it can not be used to block homing items. Otherwise, this item eventually vanishes.
Double Fake Item Box - Mario Kart Wii.png Double Fake Item Box
New Item
A Double Fake Item Box that is red with an upside down ? symbol. When used, it stays on the track until a kart hits it and causes that kart to flip. The only way to get rid of these blocks is to run into it, so it can not be used to block homing items. Otherwise, this item eventually vanishes.
Starman - Mario Kart Wii.png Starman When applied, the kart that used it becomes invincible against any item. It also boosts the speed and handling of the kart, and negates the effect of terrain that would otherwise slow the cart, for example, the shallow water on the Peach Beach track. The kart is also capable of knocking out any rival kart and stealing their items just by driving into them.
Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart Wii.png Lightning Bolt When used, Lightning shrinks, slows, and removes the items of all rival karts. If shrunken, drivers hit by an item while holding an item will drop said item.
POWQuestionBlockMKDS.png POW Question Block A POW Question Block appears onscreen, flips any racer on the ground ahead of the user, and causes them to drop their items. Players who deploy the wheelie button get a milder version of the effect.

Special Items

Main article: Special Item
Image Name Characters Description
Fireball NSMB.pngGreen Fireball NSMB.png Fireballs Dry Bones & Paratroopa A set of five red or green Fireballs capable of ricocheting off walls. When they hit another kart, the kart will spin out and slow down. They can be thrown either forwards or backwards.
Heart - Mario Kart Double Dash.png Heart Miss P & Pink Gold Peach A pair of hearts that will surround the kart, absorbing the impact of any item that collides with the kart except for Chain Chomps, Spiny Shells, Stars and Lightning. If used correctly, racers can absorb the item dropped on the road and use it against the other players; this includes most other Special Items. The Hearts have no time limit for use, though since there are only two Hearts only two items can be absorbed. If both characters are holding items when the Heart absorbs an item, the item will disappear.
YoshiEggNSMBW.pngBirdoEggNSMBW.png Yoshi Egg

/ Birdo Egg

Koopa Troopa & Morton Koopa Jr. A green (Yoshi) or pink (Birdo) egg. They work similarly to a Red Shell, chasing after a kart and knocking it out when collision occurs. After colliding, these eggs randomly let out three items that could be a Banana, Green Shell, Mushroom, Star, or Bob-omb. However, if an Egg takes too long to find a kart, the Egg will break apart but still let out three items.
BlueChainChompMP8.png Chain Chomp Lakitu & Metal Mario A huge Chain Chomp is summoned and boosts the kart's speed frantically for a certain period of time, while the Chain Chomp knocks out other karts and drops their items onto the ground. After use, the Chain Chomp leaves the kart and goes following the path until it disappears. It has the same use as a Bullet Bill does in other Dry Bones Kart games, except the Chain Chomp can be disconnected from the kart if the kart gets hit by any item.
Triple Green Shell - Mario Kart DS.pngTriple Red Shell - Mario Kart DS.png Triple Shells Koopa Kid & Bowser Jr. An arsenal of three shells, either Green or Red, that can be used to knock other karts. If the character gets hit by another item while holding the Triple Shells, the character will lose all but one shell.
Giant Banana - Mario Kart Double Dash.png Giant Banana Blooper & Roy Koopa Giant Bananas can be littered either forward or backward, staying on the road until a kart collides with it. Drivers will lose control, while the Giant Banana splits into three normal Bananas scattered into a triangle in that area.
Bowser Shell - Mario Kart Double Dash.png Bowser's Shell Bowser & Dry Bowser A humongous shell shaped like Bowser's shell that acts like a Green Shell, going in a straight line, and bouncing around the track, destroying items and knocking over other karts, dropping their items onto the ground. It can be thrown forwards or backwards. Bowser's Shell tends to bounce from other special items, including Giant Bananas (though the Giant Banana gets destroyed in the process).
Bob-omb - Mario Kart Wii.png Bob-omb Wario & Waluigi When used, a Bob-omb stays on the road until a kart passes near it in order to explode and blow up any kart around. If no kart is around the Bob-omb explodes after a few seconds. It can be thrown forward or tossed backward.
Golden Mushroom - Mario Kart 64.png Golden Mushroom Lakithunder & Monty Tank Gold Mushrooms provide the drivers multiple boosts of speed in a row in a period of time. However, it seems to have a time limit; once the first boost is used, the subsequent boosts need to be used before the item disappears.
  • Petey Piranha and King Boo have the ability to obtain any special item, excluding Luigi's Green Fireballs and the Birdo Egg.
  • Note: Although special items can only be obtained by the characters they are assigned to, if a player is holding a special item, another player can steal it by colliding with the player holding the item while under the influence of a Mushroom, Star, or Slide-Attack. Also, any character can get any special item in Battle Mode. Finally, in Co-Op Mode, the driver can pass a special item to the person in the back.


Many characters return from previous installments. There are four new characters: Pink Gold Peach, Metal Mario, Lakitu, and Lakithunder.

Default Characters


Dry Bones NSKB.png
Dry Bones
Lakithunder NSMBDIY.png
Koopa Troopa
Red Lakitu MK7.png
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Pink Gold Peach
Monty Tank

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Bowser DBKWii.png
Dry Bowser
King Boo
Dark Bowser
Ludwig von Koopa
Roy Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr.


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