Dry Bones

I’ve come to make an announcement, Rosalina’s a bitch ass motherfucker. She pissed on my fucking boner, that‘s Right she took human fucking shine pussy out and she pissed on my fucking boner, and she said her pussy was ‘ t h i s b i g ‘ and I said that’s disgusting, so now I’m making a callout post on my Rosalina, you’ve got a small pushups, it’s the size of the creator of this wiki’s brain except way smaller, and (bitch you) guess what? Here’s what my enlongated donged looks like. That’s right baby! All original ideas, no stars, no galaxsies, look at that it looks like 2 balls and a Bong Kart. She fuck my bone so (bitch you) guess what i‘m gonna fuck the wiki, that’s right this is what you get, MY SUPER DRY BONES KART WIKI LASER PISS!!!one!!!1 Exept I’m not gonna piss on the Dry Bones Kart Wiki, I’m gonna go higher, I’M PISSING ON FANTENDO!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, AREND?!?!?!???!! I PISSED ON FANTENDO YOU IDIOT!!!!! YOU HAVE TWENTY-THREE HOURS BEFORE THE PISS DRRRROPLLLLLETS HIT THE FUCKING DRY BONES KART WIKI, NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I PISS ON YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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